Salesforce Winter 2021 Release Features We Can’t Wait To Use!

Three times a year Salesforce rolls out new features for all us eager Trailblazers. It’s exciting to review the notes, see what’s coming, and sign up for Beta. The Winter 2021 Salesforce Release has some great new features we’re excited to use, and some we’ve already tried out. These are just 4 of the Salesforce Winter 2021 Release features we can’t wait to implement!

Auto Add Fields to Custom Report Types (Beta)

Something we’ve found a bit frustrating is when creating a custom report and adding new custom fields on that object; it requires you to go back into the custom report within the report type to add those fields. This new setting under the Report and Dashboards area enables you to more easily add fields to your custom reports. Navigate to this functionality from Setup, in the Quick Find box. Enter Reports and Dashboards Settings, and then select Reports and Dashboards Settings. Select Auto add new custom fields to custom report type layouts and then click Save.

Create Shortcuts to Users Essential Pages

This release makes a quick list of icons visible on your homepage when visiting the Salesforce mobile app. You can pick and choose up to 20 icons and 6 will appear in this area called the “launchpad” Report highlights are also now available on mobile with this release. A final improvement on Salesforce mobile is “Salesforce Anywhere.” This is a messenger in the platform that enables you to collaborate with other users on a specific object. Using this, teams can connect more directly. Start using this functionality by adding the LaunchPad Lightning web component to a lightning page.

Salesforce Anywhere, Salesforce Mobile App, Salesforce Winter 2021 Release

Connect Instantly with Salesforce Anywhere

An interesting feature coming out of this release is “Salesforce Anywhere.” This is a messenger in the platform that enables you to collaborate with other users on a specific object. Using this, teams can connect more directly. Unlike with Chatter, this messenger will not save to the record it is being used on. Your team can start communicating with Salesforce Anywhere by going into Setup and typing Salesforce Anywhere. Then select the option labeled Enabled. To check your configuration select Test Connection. This is being made available to teams on a rolling basis. To find out when this feature will be available to your team, reach out to your Account Executive. 

Interactively Create Engaging Email Templates

You’re currently able to work with either classic or lightning email templates. This new feature lets you navigate through email templates with more of a lightning app builder look and feel. Drag and drop different areas on the screen to customize the look and feel. One caveat that we’ve noticed is that if you currently have an existing email template, you can’t use this +new functionality. To use this functionality, go to an existing Lightning Email Template and select Edit in Builder.


Having already used a few of these features during the Beta period, my team and I are very excited to try out even more. What are the features of this release that you’re most excited about? We’d like to hear the features other teams are excited to bring on! If you’re a diehard Trailblazer like us and want to become part of the OpFocus team, take a look at some of our open positions. We’re always looking for passionate and motivated people!

Sebastian Toplician

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