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Email Author for Salesforce Lightning Experience
If you have been doing Salesforce development for some time, you have probably run into the need to create a custom button to call the email author with certain attributes of the email populated, such as the Subject, To or Email Template. With Salesforce Classic, this was very easy to do with a custom JavaScript button and some URL hacking. If
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Expandable Lightning Component
What do I mean by an "expandable" lightning component?  Well, what I mean is a lightning component whose content can be "expanded" to include another component by specifying the NAME of the second component when placing the expandable component on a page. You must be thinking, "why would I want to do that ?" So, let me tell you why I did
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If any of you have ever dealt with the dreaded "INSUFFICIENT ACCESS ON CROSS REFERENCE ENTITY" error, you will probably agree that this is one of worst errors to debug in Salesforce. There is virtually no information with the error that helps identify the problem. Most of the time I find that there is a permission issue on a lookup field that
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Salesforce Lightning – Customizable Polymorphic Lookup Component
If you have been using Salesforce Lightning Experience, you probably are familiar with the Lightning Polymorphic Lookup. For example, you will see it while creating Tasks, in the "Name" and "Related to" fields: Basically, you get to chose the "type" of SObject; when you type text, a search is performed on the appropriate SObject.
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Round Robin Assignment Using Public Groups in Salesforce
Do you like the idea of Omni Channel's round robin routing but want to assign records to offline users? Well, with Public Groups in Salesforce and a little Apex, you can! Let's pretend that when a Contact is created, we need to set the owner of the Contact in a round robin fashion based on picklist field values on the Account. F
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Lessons Learned From My First Lightning Component
I decided to write my first Lightning component and, as always, found it easier to "borrow" some code from a fellow blogger and modify it to suit my needs. It turned out to be quite an interesting journey and I ran into various issues that I could not find answers to easily.  I am going to share some of them with you so you can av
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