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Salesforce Optimizer, the New Tool in How Your Org is Doing
If there is one questions that every Salesforce admin has ever asked, it is “How can I make my Salesforce better?” Salesforce Optimizer. In the Spring ‘17 release, Salesforce has made that an easier question to answer with the Optimizer Report. This report runs from Setup and emails you a document with what Salesforce sees as pote
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How to Create a Last Won or Last Lost Opportunity Contact Report
As a Salesforce system administrator, you've probably heard of these common requests before. For example, has anyone in sales, preparing for a calling campaign at the beginning of the year to drive business, walked over and asked you, “what accounts did we win opportunities with last year and who are their contacts?” Or, what about when ma
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How to Setup and Use the New Multiple Accounts to Contacts Feature in Salesforce
One of the biggest changes that came in the Summer ‘16 update was the ability to attach a contact to multiple accounts. This gives new functionality to a business that wants to track customers that are attached to many accounts. Before, businesses with a B2C and a B2B model would often use person accounts or a customized data model. This new
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My Three Favorite Features in Summer ’16
The Summer ‘16 Release of Salesforce is here and while this is a lighter release, it brings some great enhancements to existing features. Don't forget! It is important to always check the release notes for the full list of features. Here are my three favorite enhancements coming out in this release. 1. Attach Contacts to Multiple Accoun
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