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Salesforce Winter 2021 Release Features We Can’t Wait To Use!
Three times a year Salesforce rolls out new features for all us eager Trailblazers. It’s exciting to review the notes, see what’s coming, and sign up for Beta. The Winter 2021 Salesforce Release has some great new features we’re excited to use, and some we’ve already tried out. These are just 4 of the Salesforce Winter 2021 Release fea
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5 Elements of a Data Migration Project
Now that you have decided to take on a data migration project as part of your tech stack consolidation effort, and thought through how to prepare for the initiative, let's talk about what the actual data migration process entails. Note again that data migration is often only one piece of a comprehensive tech stack consolidation effort.
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Preparing for a Data Migration Project
As companies grow by acquisition, the need to migrate systems and data becomes essential. Whether through rollups, mergers, or other acquisitions, companies face the challenge of consolidating multiple environments into one. This challenge can be daunting: there are a lot of unseen technical details to consider and decide. A properly prepared
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Ensure Sales Never Skips a Stage
There are many ways to build a Sales Process in the Sales Cloud. A common challenge that many sales and operations teams face is with their end-to-end sales process. Out of the box from Salesforce, you have stages set up on Opportunities. You can add and remove these stages, as well as rearrange the order. When your users are working on Opport
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