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Dreamforce 2016 – My Talk, My Experiences
I was fortunate enough one more time to be selected to speak at Dreamforce. This will be my third time speaking at Dreamforce. If  you haven't been to Dreamforce in the past and if this is your first time, let me start by saying this, it's gonna be CRAZY, and I mean it. You will be overwhelmed by the crowd, the sessions, the parties, the
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Salesforce Lightning Design System – Understanding Grid Layouts
One of the most important features of Salesforce Lightning Design System is the Grid System. The Grid System in Lightning Design System is based on Flexbox (Flexible Box) - a CSS3 layout mode that makes sure elements will render properly on any screen size or display type. Below is the list of current supported browsers: Advantag
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TrailheaDx – Lightning, Lightning & Lightning
Happening now! TrailheaDx: The First Salesforce Developer Conference. What buzzwords are flying around at the event? Lightning, more Lightning & Trailhead. Marc Benioff kicked off the conference with his charismatic keynote talking about his philanthropic 1/1/1 model and how Salesforce is truly a Customer Success Platform. Then Alex D
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Jump Start Your Wave Engine for Sales
Wave Platform Salesforce announced the Wave Platform two years ago at Dreamforce. Since then, Wave has revolutionized the way we look at data. Taking in the tedious ETL processes and packaging them up into user friendly, wizard driven approach, Wave was readily built for businesses to start analyzing their data in much more meaningful fashi
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Dynamic Field Binding in Salesforce Lightning Experience
I have been playing with Lightning for some time now and recently realized that I cannot do dynamic binding in Lightning, like I used to in Visualforce. For example, in Visualforce if I want to access a field on the object, I have two options: {!objectName.fieldName} – Most users familiar with Visualforce already know this. {!ob
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Chatter Series – Chatter Connect (Chatter in Apex)
In my previous blog, on a high level, I described what Chatter is and all the components involved with Chatter. This blog will focus more on building custom Chatter components. The Why? Chatter Connect comprises Chatter REST API and Chatter in Apex. Use Chatter REST API to integrate mobile apps, intranet sites, and 3rd party Web applicat
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