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Autocomplete Lookup Fields Inside Flows
The Problem Recently, I was asked by one of my co-workers if there was a way to implement a lookup field inside a visual flow. As some of you know, typically this can be handled by using a dynamic picklist on a drop-down box or radio button element. As I received more requirements, I found out that there could be hundreds of options to choose
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A flow trigger failed to execute: The mystery error
The Lightning Process Builder has been GA for a little over a year now. For the most part, it is a fantastic tool. Administrators have been able to build some pretty amazing workflows without the need for a developer like myself. The biggest annoyance that I have seen, though, is that pesky undescriptive error message that shows on the top of
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Bad Value For Restricted Picklist Field Deployment Error
I recently came across a scenario where I needed to deploy some triggers that use a new picklist field that was defined as "restricted." In the sandbox, the triggers were working great and the test classes were covering 99% of the code. Easy, right? It should've been... During the deployment, my test classes were failing. "System.DmlExcept
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Visualforce Autocomplete For Lookup Fields
The standard experience for lookup fields in Salesforce can be clunky. Unless you have recently viewed the record you are trying to look up, you have to type a search phrase (along with wildcards, if needed) in order to search for the record you are looking for. This is how we all know (and probably don't love) lookup fields: It's f
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Debugging with JSON.serializePretty()
Printing debug statements in your code is essential, but it can be very painful when you don’t know what to print. Many times it’s best to see an entire class/SObject instance to be able to see all the properties in one place. Simply using System.debug() can be extremely hard to read, especially if what you are trying to print has a lar
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