David Lipely

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Organize and Prepare Products for Salesforce CPQ
When your team decides to bring on CPQ, there are steps you can take to ensure a seamless implementation. The first thing your team will need to do is identify your products. This ensures a smooth and clean implementation that works with how your team operates. So, let’s discuss how and why your team needs to organize and prepare products fo
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How to Avoid Delays in CPQ Implementations
Every company that looks to implement Salesforce CPQ seeks to generate accurate, efficient, and consistent quotations. In a world where quick access to accurate information helps close business deals faster, Salesforce CPQ ensures that your sales and customer success reps have the ability to quote products with correct pricing, correct product
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Importance of Internal Stakeholders at Start of CPQ Projects
“How do we successfully kick off a CPQ project?” This is a great question but it can be a bit daunting to think about. A lot of detail goes into a successful Salesforce CPQ project. Having implemented dozens across various industries, we've learned what should happen at the start of a CPQ project to ensure things go well. Include all k
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