Daniel Lachcik

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How to Publish your App to the AppExchange
The details outlined in this How To document are expanded from the Salesforce Help guide on publishing apps and services. In order to publish your App publicly on the AppExchange, you must be a Salesforce partner.  If you're not a partner, visit the Salesforce Partners site to learn more. Enable and Setup the Environment Hub By default,
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Creating and Deploying Packages in Salesforce
For those rare instances when promoting a change set from one environment to another is not possible (perhaps those two environments are completely different instances of Salesforce), you can still utilize a package to get enhancements pushed through. Packages offer the ability to put your change set in a little, well packaged bundle and ha
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How to Access Inaccessible Profiles in Salesforce
The request was simple; remove a record type that was defaulted for all profiles. Yet for some reason, no matter what I did, there were profiles that still had the record type set as default.  And what was worse, those profiles weren't coming up in the profiles list. The two profiles?  Package License Manager and External Who These
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