Courtney Farrell

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Is Your Salesforce Approach Strategic?
As noted by the economist Michael Porter, “the essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” With all of the Salesforce functionality available today, strategy is especially important in managing and maintaining your system efficiently. It is critical to take a step back and evaluate changes that have been made or should be made to best
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How to Remove Decimal Points from Dashboards and Charts
Have you ever tried to remove decimal points from a dashboard or chart with no success? Even if the underlying report displays whole numbers, the new Salesforce charting engine 2.0 shows decimal points in both the chart and corresponding dashboard component. This takes up additional space on the dashboard that is often not necessary. Clean up
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How to Add Visual Indicators Easily to Salesforce
Did you know that Salesforce has standard visual indicators available that can be displayed through a simple formula field? These eye-catching images allow users to quickly understand data at first glance as compared to text fields. As Edward Tufte is famously quoted "above all else show the data." Take the example below. A green, yellow, o
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Going Mobile: Setup Salesforce1 in Less Than 30 Minutes
Are you interested in setting up Salesforce1 for your organization? Did you know that it allows you to access all of your Salesforce data and all Dashboards from your iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry or Windows device? Completing the Salesforce1 Quick Start Wizard and a few additional steps will have your users up in running in no time! Walk th
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