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Talking SaaS Benchmarking with Lauren Kelley (CEO, OPEXEngine)
Welcome to OpFocus' Thought Leaders blog series, where we bring you insights from movers and shakers in the "as a Service" space to help you up your personal game, think about the next big idea for your department, and find actionable ways to outperform expectations in your company. Today we are talking about SaaS Benchmarking. If you're wonde
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6 Tips on Choosing the Right ( Consulting) Partner
If finding the right consulting partner for your project feels like an epic project in itself, you are not alone! All around the world people interested in implementing, or looking to fix/optimize/expand on what they already have, are trying to make sense of their options with what feels like not enough informatio
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The Power of Customization: An Interview with OpFocus’ Favorite Trailblazer
Having graduated years apart, MJ Kahn and I likely would not have ever crossed paths at our shared alma mater, Smith College. Plus, she was mostly hanging out in a barely yet invented computer lab and I was mostly hanging out at Amherst College frat parties. Now colleagues at OpFocus for 2 years, I've been delighted to work closely with the
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